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HM the Queen's Colour
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The Cosford Crest

The Cosford crest consists of an acorn superimposed on an oak tree.

An apt reminder, that "Great Oaks from little acorns grow."
It also reminds us that RAF Cosford is situated close
to the "Royal Oak" at nearby Boscobel.

The motto "Seul le Premier Pascoute" can be translated as:
Only the first step is difficult "


Peter G. Rayer, 306 Entry - The 306 Entry was formed
at Royal Air Force Cosford (Then No. 2 School of Technical Training),
on the 28th April 1966. Exactly One year later on Friday 28th April 1967,
Fifty Five young men, now trained as either Telegraphists or Photographers,
passed out into the big wide world of "SERVICE LIFE".

No Longer the young inexperienced 15 or 16 year old boys,
who had entered the Service a year earlier. But Men who had endured
One complete Year of Square Bashing, Educational and Trade training,
plus a very tough physical training, to make them ready to serve
operationally, anywhere in the World.

To find me - just follow the arrow. I am that handsome chap
with the glasses!.

Do you Remember your first pair of service BOOTS?

If you are an ex RAF Cosford Boy entrant or Apprentice,
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My Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society
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Issued on 7th August 1970.

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The Right Honourable Viscount Trenchard
"The Patron Saint of Airpower"
Founder of the Royal Air Force, on the 1st April 1918.

 If you are an ex RAF Cosford Boy entrant or Apprentice, with a
link for the 306 entry pages please email me with the information

The 306th Entry Web Pages
with the Entry History and pictures

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The 306th Entry Web Page - www.306entry.co.uk
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